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    By Shilpa Desai     131 Views     July 22, 2019
    CFO Bridge discusses CWC2019

    This blog is actually out of our staff meeting discussion, with topic being, “What are some takeaways from CWC2019 that we can apply to our work life?” So while Dhananjay Jayaraman [Consultant, CFO Bridge] and myself [Shilpa Desai, Partner at CFO Bridge LLP] have written this, all of us from CFO Bridge are the contributors to the content.

    Here’s our take on the #CWC2019 and how we can apply those learning to our professional lives across various spheres.

    1. As Gautam [Gautam Kapadi, Partner at CFO Bridgre LLP] likes to put it – he has seen the game evolve - from the long drawn test format of yore to the fast paced T20 format of today and anything in-between. We have seen Gavaskar play full 60 overs making 36 runs not out and someone who has made over 10K runs over his career but hardly one hundred in ODI. From there, now we have players who adapt their style to the format and can play T20 as effortlessly as an ODI or test. Ditto with the businesses, business models and our skill sets to match these models. The skills needed in workplace in 1995 were very different in 2005 and those needed in 2025 will be again something else. Both businesses and individuals need to adapt, and only those who can learn and relearn better will thrive and grow.

    2. One game that the team has note is the one that most people would remember for reasons not commonly associated with the sport. The game was the Sri Lanka Vs South Africa encounter held in Durham when the game was halted because a swarm of bees stormed the field but in spite of the small break, both teams competed with just as much efforts later. Just like brakes augment acceleration, stoppages and pauses are essential to move forward.

    3. Who do you think of when someone says fast bowler? Shoaib Akhtar, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Tait? Jasprit Bumrah doesn’t anywhere fit in this template but he has truly cemented his place as the leading pace bowler in the world right now, across all formats. So why bother with what is conventional as long as you know your strengths and keep sharpening your skill set with eyes firmly on your goal? 

    4. Rohit Sharma’s interview after his fourth century in the World Cup – where he talked about his mental preparation before any match. With no baggage of how many centuries he has scored earlier, his energy is solely focused on winning the current game -as if this is his first game.  Organisations or people who delve on past glories seldom make equal progress in times to come.

    5. My personal takeaway is on managing one’s emotions better and not let a silly moment carry away years of hard work. If it wasn’t for one tweet of Ambati Rayudu, not just his cricketing career would have been different but even the world cup could have had a different winner!! Many times we take our pride (or dare I say ego..) take too far and it just blinds out the logical thinking.  While it’s absolutely human to go thru a range of emotions,  it’s better to be mindful of what stuff you would do in a spur or moment and what you better not..

    These are just some of the many learning that team had shared in the session, mixing fun with some serious work comes easy to the CFO Bridge team. Stay tuned for more!!

    PS - In case you are wondering how come Wiliamson and Kiwis do not feature in the above, the meeting was held prior to the finals week. And Srini [Founder & Partner, CFO Bridge LLP] was right in predicting the winner, just like he does when he hires for CFO Bridge team. :P

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