• Sole mission is to serve SMEs having an appetite for growth with high quality finance talent. CFO Bridge has grown to team size of 25 and have served 150+ clients since 2012. Operations head-quartered in Mumbai with presence in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, NCR & Bangalore. The vision is to be a Pan-India player by 2020.


    Why to Hire a Shared CFO Team ?



    It becomes very expensive for an entity to hire a CFO with large corporate background. Whereas a shared CFO works for multiple entities and becomes afforable at fraction of cost.



    A CFO team, which doesn't get distracted by day to day routine, shares intellectual capital to provide important strategic oversight and helps you better plan for growth & profitability.



    Shared CFO providers are able to attract quality resources & offer continuity.


    Our Solutions

    Retainer CFO Team

    We become your partner. Where we focus on area of financial governance.

    Insightful MIS

    MIS is backbone of decision making. We design and run Reliable, Timely & Insightful MIS.

    Understand Cash

    Eliminate leakages & blockages in flow of cash and ensure optimal cycle time.

    CFO Team

    • V Srinivasan

      Abheek Chaudhuri

      Gautam Kapadi

      Tushar B Toprani

      Ramesh Jayaraman

      Sachin Gokhale


    Ravi Mahbubani

    Devi Constructions Co. Pvt Ltd

    CFO Bridge has helped us ensure smooth transition from a difficult situation faced by us in our accounting team. They have now put in place a reliable MIS routine, trained our in-house staff, helped senior management with usable templates.They have also helped us managing our personal wealth by bringing in appropriate resource. They have demonstrated professionalism in their approach, have kept the high levels of ethics in their dealing and we are happy to endorse their services.

    Vishal Doctor

    Director, OEC Records Management Co. Pvt Ltd

    We are now completing a year and a half with CFO Bridge. It has been a good journey so far and we are pleased to state that as an organization they have helped us evolve in totality. Apart from finance which is their forte, their team brings to the table a whole lot of value additions which are best practices over the years. I would recommend CFO Bridge to organizations who are open to change. Great Valu.

    Joydeep Sarkar

    HICARE Services Pvt Ltd

    CFO Bridge is a dependable team of professionals who work hard to deliver results. Their approach to issues is business focussed, holistic, data driven and challenges the status quo. They bring in a fresh perspective to business issues and have demonstrated that they stand true to their tagline “make a positive difference”


    Pitch Competition, Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 @ IIT Bombaye

    Published on January 29, 2017

    Pitch Competition, Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 @ IIT Bombaye

    Published on January 29, 2017

    CFO-on-demand services come at 75 per cent less cost!

    Published on January 29, 2017


    May 22, 2018

    The Effective Use of Cash

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    May 21, 2018

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